Nobis Condor and Phoenix


In arctic conditions, when your life depends on staying warm and dry, this is the jacket you want protecting you.

With the introduction of the Condor and Phoenix, Nobis has redefined what we expect from premium winter outerwear. These jackets are incredibly warm, and their technical details are truly groundbreaking. While we will admit, the extreme warmth provided by these jackets may be overkill for many of our urban customers, for those who face the harshest winter weather in northern cities (think Juneau, Whitehorse, Reykjavik, Moscow etc.) and arctic environments, there's nothing else that comes close on the market.

Designed to handle the most extreme winter weather with style, The Condor (men) and Phoenix (women) are the warmest and most technically advanced jackets Nobis has ever produced. Box baffle construction eliminates cold spots, and technical details like a down filled wind skirt, branded face guard, and tab covered window id pocket increase functionality in frigid winter conditions. There’s even a tablet compatible inner pocket to keep your tech warm and improve cold-weather battery life.