What Is Faded Soul All About?


Faded Soul is a proud new Canadian internet store. Our focus is to offer our customers the hottest new, as well as existing labels and collections available.


We will endeavor to be the first to offer you the most unique and cutting edge lines as they arrive on the scene. Although this is our first internet store, we do have a wealth of experience and long rich history in retail. We also operate a brick and mortar men's and womens' higher end fashion store which is in its 106th year of existance. Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary, which we will prove as we go forward. We do hope you enjoy our site and become a long term returning customer. We will do our best to give you reason to be.

We will not take a back seat to anyone with regards to customer service. Should you require assistance with anything on our site, we urge you to call our toll-free number 1-866-961-SOUL (7685) or email us at aaron@fadedsoul.com and you will be greeted by a knowledgeable and helpful staff member that will answer your questions and/or resolve your problem.

Enjoy your shopping experience!

Faded Soul