Nobis Fall / Winter 2014 Preview

Introducing the Collective & Flyweights collections; innovative materials and styles, new for FW 2014.

This season, Canadian outerwear label Nobis adds two new collections to their extensive Fall/Winter selection of technical down filled luxury clothing. Having built the brand on a reputation of innovation, quality, and style, Nobis once again raises the bar. The new collections feature the same premium Canadian White Duck down that has always made their jackets among the warmest and most breathable on the market. Being of Canadian origin, you can feel secure in the knowledge that the fill used in these pieces is harvested in accordance with Canadian law, and using the most humane of methods. The same technologies Nobis has refined in their core collection have been incorporated into the Collective and Flyweights collections; technologies such as Sympatex membrane lamination, DWR coatings, and highly breathable, light-weight nylon and Poly/Wool fabrics.

The Collective Collection

An iconic tailored Canadian down filled offering inspired by a rediscovered appreciation for the more simplified lifestyle of the past.  Traditional iconic silhouettes have been carefully reworked, revived, and tailored without compromising the technical elements synonymous with Nobis' core value of exceeding expectation.  It's rich and tonal colour palette is a refreshing take on the simplicity of these quality constructed pieces, while embracing the term "collective" in its purest form.

On Him: The NG.9 On Her: The Molly

The Lady Taylor

The Bailey

The Sir Salvador

The Flyweights Collection

Nobis' response to the ever changing global winters and the growing need for stylish midweight outerwear. This collection has been designed as a distinct departure from the shiny stitch through, lightweight down jackets, so prevalent with today’s urban commuters. Nobis focused on the things they feel are more important, like practical styling, obsessive attention to detail and excellence in warmth to weight ratio. This collection is made further unique by the use of their signature Poly/Wool and matte finished DP Nylon fabric technologies.

On Him: The Elroy On Her: The Talia


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