Moose Knuckles Jackets - What You Need To Know

Moose Knuckles? Who would have thought a designer jacket brand with the name of Moose Knuckles would take the world of bomber jackets and parkas by storm? Laugh or sneer, Moose Knuckles jackets are here to stay. In fact, these jackets have quite a cult following.

Devotees swear by the brand’s:

  • Exceptional workmanship
  • Quality materials
  • Ability to withstand the harsh Canadian winters.


Little is known about the manufacturing process, but the fact remains they do exactly what the brand promises. They keep you toasty warm and comfortable even if the mercury falls to -40! Some fans of Moose Knuckles claim these jackets are the greatest Canadian invention. Maybe they are not that far from the truth.

Remaining Snug in Real Fur

Moose Knuckles uses real fur, which is procured from both the Arctic Blue Fox and Silver Fox. The fur is ethically certified and comes either from Canada or Scandinavia. The company believes in maintaining the natural colour of the fur and this is the reason no two jackets look the same. Imagine wearing a Moose Knuckles jacket that has a fur-lined hood in an array of colours? You can choose from tints of white and brown, sheer white, black, brown and silver.

Functional & Convenient At The Same Time

If you want to make a style statement without being too obvious, you can do it with a Moose Knuckles jacket. The jackets are created for chilly autumn and harsh winters. When the temperatures are mild, just detach the fur-lined hood and you are ready to make a fashion and style statement. The men’s range of jackets has hoods lined with soft fur, while the women enjoy a feminine touch with pom-poms.

The fact that you can remove the hood makes it extremely easy to clean the jacket. You never have to worry about damaging the fur lining.

The jackets come with double-adjustable zippers. When the outdoor temperatures are warm and you still want to wear your Moose Knuckles jacket, just unzip. That’s it!

Durable and Resilient

Fox fur is soft and is very durable. You can put a Moose Knuckles jacket through rough treatment and it will not damage or affect the fur. You can rest knowing your harsh treatment of the jacket still leaves behind fur that is soft to touch and fluffy to look at.

High Quality

Buying a winter jacket that can last for years used to be a pipe dream a few years ago. Thankfully, with Moose Knuckles, this is not the case. You no longer have to worry about broken or damaged zippers that often make winter jackets useless. Every Moose Knuckles jacket has a YKK heavy-duty, industrial zipper. So, there is no question of the zipper breaking or developing a fault after a single use.

Cozy and Comfortable

What happens when the temperature falls? You want to stay huddled indoors next to a warm fire. With a Moose Knuckles jacket, you will love the cold weather even if the mercury dips to its lowest point! Each jacket uses grey duck down as a thermal insulator. In a duck, these down feathers create air pockets that trap the heat emitting from the duck’s body. Also making sure no moisture reaches the body. Moose Knuckles uses the same principle for its jackets. The only focus is on loft size of the feathers.

The jackets have a loft size of 800 cubic inches per ounce. So that you stay warm and comfortable, even if there are Arctic weather conditions around you.

Moose Knuckles jackets are made from a 74-percent cotton and 26-percent nylon blend. Furthermore, every jacket has a rubberized coating. This further makes the jacket warm and waterproof.

Panache and Patriotism, with a Tinge of Humour

Perhaps the most endearing feature of a Moose Knuckles jacket is its unique logo. The steel logo is situated on the outside left sleeve. Initially, it may look like moose knuckles or even an upside-down heart. But, if you look closer and longer, you will realize the logo also bears resemblance to a moose’s footprints!

If there is a winter jacket that takes patriotism to the next level, a Moose Knuckles jacket will win it hands down. On the inside collar will find a yolk logo that celebrates the ongoing hockey rivalry between Canada and the United States. In fact, many view this as the deep love and devotion for Canada and its beloved sport, ice hockey. There are some who believe the inside logo also shows the fun and humourous side of the brand, just like its name.

The Bottom Line

Owning a Moose Knuckles jacket is no longer considered an extravagant expense. It is a wise purchase that can keep you warm on a cold winter’s day. It also is a functional jacket, due to the four front-seamed pockets (that are deep and roomy) which store everything you need when venturing out. You will not be saddled with bulked up pockets if you keep your wallet, mobile and handheld device together. With free ground shipping in the U.S. and Canada, offers the luxurious feel and appearance of an authentic Moose Knuckles jacket.