Mackage Winter Jacket - Your Dream Coat?

Finding the right outfit is a challenge no matter what the season. It's the most difficult during winter, when you have to keep warm and still look stylish. If you focus on comfort alone, you'll wind up looking like a marshmallow after piling on too many layers under a puffy jacket. 

What to Look For in a Label

The trick is to finding the finest materials that are extremely well-tailored. Less can be more, even in winter, when you're wearing the right fabrics and the right fits. That's why brand names matter. Not because you have to have a logo to show off. Because premium clothing is not only better looking, it is designed to impart a feeling of comfort and luxury. Bottom rung labels design clothes to fly off the racks, look only half-way decent and barely get the job done. 

Mackage Clothing

If you're looking for timeless pieces that never go out of style, consider Mackage clothing.  They are designed to stay chic no matter how much trends change. They are also meticulously designed with luxury materials. After all, when you invest in high-end, a key requirement is for the items to retain their appearance and value far into the future. That's the kind of value Mackage delivers.

Styling Your Winter Wardrobe

If you live where the summer sun is but a fleeting memory, there's no doubt you need winter  clothing that you love enough to wear every day. If it's going to be cold most of the year, you can't spend nine to ten months waiting for the thaw before getting a chance to look sexy. Your winter wardrobe will have to be impeccably stylish, cozy, warm and sexy when you need it to be. Otherwise, you may just give up and move to Florida.

Luckily, Mackage has winter-wear that rivals skin-flashing bikinis when it comes to sex appeal. There's just something about leather that is incredibly edgy.

Biker Jackets

When you think of biker jackets, don't think of middle-aged men who ride Harleys they like to call their "hog". Think of Marlon Brando, James Dean and old school Hollywood just as it was starting to get dark and edgy. This bad boy look isn't exclusively masculine. Women’s biker jackets have the same look with a feminine fit. This slightly hard look can be perfect to pair with leather pants and chunky boots to create an intense outfit. Another fun idea is to take the edgy biker jacket and pair it with a flirty dress to create a look teetering between good girl and bad girl.

The Mackage Florica bicker jackets come in three colors - black, white and blush, which is a soft dusty rose color. How they look depends entirely on how you style your outfit. The blush jacket works perfectly with floral or pastel dresses. The white jacket looks amazing paired with just about anything. It's also perfect for trying out one of the current major trends - denim dresses. The black jacket was absolutely made for partying, especially when worn with leather pants.

The Lucia black biker jacket is one of the most chic Mackage biker jackets. The leather is anything but dull. It is texturized in a way that makes it really stand out and grab attention, in a really great way.

Leather Jackets

If you buy the right one, a leather jacket is something that can last you a lifetime. Vintage luxury jackets from an era ago still look better than brand new ones that have been cheaply made. Mackage Leather jackets are the type your hipster grandkids can one day wear and call designer vintage. The simplicity and chicness of the Mackage Sade leather jackets means they can be worn with jeans, dresses or skirts. If you want a little more edge to your look, go for the Pina black or white jackets with a dramatic collar.

Bomber Jackets

In this day and age, the word "bomber" may not sound too desirable. Forget the politics of the last few decades and think back on how glamorous fighter pilots from the 50's were. Picture Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. Their style was quintessential American - rugged, durable and stylish.

The Skye sand and black bomber jackets are beautiful because of their simplicity. They don't have statement collars, zippers or accents. Their simple look just allows them to be worn in an endless number of ways. When you think of a classic leather jacket with perfectly symmetrical cuts, this is the style you have in mind. It's unfussy ways make it the perfect piece that won't look outdated after a few fashion cycles.

The most daring of Mackage bomber jackets is the Katie Black bomber leather jacket. It has a patent leather shine with a textured twist like the Lucia black biker jacket. The Katie Black bomber jacket is definitely more of a vintage throwback. Whereas the Lucia black biker jacket is a more modern, trendy style.

White Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets aren't just black or brown. The great thing about using an era for style inspiration is how much freedom you have to change it up. The Lucia white biker jacket is mostly pristine white leather. But it comes with black accents which really pull the look together. It looks stunning with black pants and black boots.

Bright Pops of Color

Don't assume that all leather jackets or winter clothing is bound to be the same dull colors - white, black, sand or navy green. It is absolutely possible to snap up pieces that are colorful enough for spring. The great advantage about this is being able to sneakily morph your winter wardrobe into your spring lookbook.

When it's still chilly outside but the flowers are starting to bloom, wear a colorful jacket to feel part of the color shift. The Mirella poppy jacket is a fresh peachy orange that looks great dressed up with a belted shift dress. The Dasia poppy leather jacket is a similar color with a slightly more casual style, especially if you pair it with jeans. The Dasia's collar is a little more fashion blogger street style. Whereas the Mirella could be worn by upscale "ladies who lunch."


Sometimes, you just don't want to play it safe. Having a timeless leather jacket is a risk-free fashion investment. But, sometimes a leather jacket serves another purpose - making a bold statement. Whether that statement is your love of color or unique designs is up to you.

The Noelia leather jackets in black and sand are a couple of the most daring yet feminine looks you can create with winter jackets. The frills are large enough to draw the eye in a way that they have a huge impact on the overall look of the outfit. Yet they aren't so large or numerous that they look overdone. The key to trying out daring looks is to go for pieces, which are well structured. If something looks sloppy or over the top, run for the hills.

Trench Coats

No winter wardrobe is complete without a few trench coats. This look is tremendously versatile. If worn the wrong way, it can look like a goth fashion disaster. If done right, it can turn out to be extremely stylish, as though its right off a London or Paris fashion week runway.

Mackage has a wide variety of trench coats to choose from, all of which have their own style inspiration. The AVRAS-4 is a stylish piece which is benchmark for Mackage trench coats in terms of how classic and chic it is. It is simple in many ways but that's what makes it look so luxurious - the fact that it's an everlasting piece. The body is well-structured and the sleeves are long and fitted. The large collar and bow give it an infusion of character that makes it stand out in spite of its simplicity.

Uniquely Mackage

There are some looks that can't be classified, because they are unique to Mackage, like the Kiera Black biker jacket with hood. If you study it closely, it's a simple biker jacket with an added hoodie for warmth and uniqueness in style. However, when looked at from a distance, these two converging styles look like a brand new style concept. Not only do you have added functionality, you have a really cool look that's hard to find elsewhere.

Dual-Color Trench Coats

Trench coats don't have to be boring and they definitely don't have to be one solid color. A few of the Mackage trench coats are two colors. The first is the beige trench coat with leather sleeves. If you were afraid of looking dull in a beige trench, this one is type that will allay your fears of fashion obscurity. The beige body is perfect for fall or winter because the neutral color allows it to be worn with anything.

The full black leather sleeves give it the stylistic edge of leather gloves a la Breakfast at Tiffany's, while giving you additional warmth.

The Inessa Beige Trench coat is another twist on this look with three quarter black leather sleeves and a belted waist. In a way, this is a more daring look. This one is available in a blue as well as black body with black sleeves. In the blue and black versions, the sleeves still make a statement but with a tad more subtlety.

The Olesya black leather trench coat is a must-have piece for those who love the look of all-leather everything. The all-white Eugenia cream classic trench coat is another bold statement. It practically screams "I am fabulously wealthy." In a subtle way of course.


Blazers are a wardrobe must-have no matter where you live. Not ony are they an additional layer of warmth, they are fantastic for pulling together outfits. If a top has a flaw or doesn't fit perfectly, a blazer can fix that. If your skirt and top go well together, but something is missing, the blazer can be the final touch.

Picture yourself in an embellished dress on your way to a classy brunch. Throw a blazer of our shoulders and even a party dress suddenly gets a more mature vibe. It's great for dressing down your look for when you're in between venues. Or when there's a chilliness in the air that makes you want a little more warmth.

A white blazer is something no fashion girl worth her salt can live without. It simply goes with everything. Whether you're going to be in a dress, a skirt, a maxi, white pants, blue jeans or black cropped pants, a blazer really pulls it all together. It's good to have one in your closet for moments when you need a little seriousness in an outfit.

Want to head out for a job interview but the only washed clothes you can find are a pair of pants and a simple tee? Add a white blazer to make that casual look mature and sophisticated instead. That's priceless.

Choose Mackage

When it comes to choosing a Mackage winter jacket, you'll want them all. You simply won't know what to do with yourself when it's hot out and you can no longer wear outer layers.