Mackage Adali Jacket - You Want One Eh?


Mackage is a Canadian designer brand that has made a huge splash in the fashion world since it made its debut.


The clothing line was introduced in 1999. It has since grown to become one of  the most prestigious makers of outerwear on the entire North American continent. The jackets and other outerwear have been shipped around the globe. They have also quickly become a favorite of the jet-setting and Hollywood elite. This brand represents style that is perfectly coupled with functionality. It offers the wearer a warm and comfortable coat that is built to last and looks like it should be worn on the runway.

The Label Begins


One of the reasons behind the rapid success of this clothing line is the relationship of the creators involved. The line was started by Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy.

These two talented designers have been friends since childhood. Their evolving relationship is evident in the styles they create. Legend has it that the two have been sketching fashions together since they were twelve years of age. Beginning with doodles in a notebook, the two have grown the line into one of the most prestigious and respected in the world. The label has since expanded beyond outerwear and is also specializing in bags and other gear.

The Beliefs Behind the Label


Mackage prides itself on the belief system that outwear is essential to style. Many designers concentrate on what is underneath the jacket. But the creators of Mackage have poured their energy and expertise into the jacket itself. Concentrating on lines and materials, they have succeeded in creating jackets that are both warm and comfortable. True works of art. These coats aim at being luxurious and providing the wearer with a fashion presence. They are meant to allow those in colder weather climates to remain fashionable during the cooler months. It is no wonder that the two creators of the label studied and fine-tuned their art in the cold weather city of Montreal.

A Blending of Styles


One of the most unique elements of this label is the blending of materials to create original fashions. Wool is often combined with leather, providing both warmth and an inevitable presence. The exteriors of the coats are most often texture-heavy and this helps to produce the presence that the designers hope to instill in the wearer. The designers are also not afraid to use fur in their creations. Many of the coats have fur-lined hoods and fur is used in other areas such as sleeves. While coyote fur seems to be the most popular, some other pelts are available from the brand.

From Montreal to NY to the World


The label boasts a flagship store in the fashionable SoHo district of New York City. While the label began in Montreal, it has since reached global proportions. The designs can be found being sold by many high-end retailers that specialize in outerwear. The rise of online shopping has helped the line to reach a much wider audience. In addition, the two designers have religiously taken part in fashion weeks in Toronto and New York.

Classic to Modern


One of the ways that the Mackage label has created success is by taking classic styles and giving them a modern twist. The silhouettes offered by the coats are sleek while not compromising warmth and functionality. After all, the designers themselves have to live in the harsh climate of the North. The styles are sexy and can be seen being worn by such celebrities as the Kardashians and Halle Berry.

This updating of classic styles can even be seen in their new line of fashionable and functional handbags. This outgrowth of the label is a natural one, as it began working with leather from the very start. The handbags resemble ultra-stylish messenger bags and have a closure that is in the shape of an arrow. This arrow is very representative of the belief structure behind the label as it is both functional yet unique. The arrow signals that the design was created by the label, but it also serves a purpose and is a functional and strong piece of hardware. Who knows what may be in store next for these two talented designers.

They have perfected outerwear and have expanded the line to include handbags. It seems that the sky is the limit for the fashionable duo.

Their styles are often the darlings of fashion week events. They garner press and photos long after other designers have faded into obscurity. Mackage styles will often climb in price over time rather than end up on the sale rack.

The Perfect Coat?


Any design by Mackage is certain to turn heads, but the Adali line that many consider to be perfection. This line blends different materials such as leather and wool. It combines them with down and fur to create incredible and functional fashions. These coats help to elevate the winter wardrobe and lift the drab winter coat into an element of style that is unprecedented.

No longer do fashionistas have to hide their style under bulky coats and bulging jackets. In fact, these coats and jackets are often more fashionable than the clothes worn underneath. In addition, these jackets will remain in style and are built to last. It is not uncommon for one Adali jacket to be worn as a favorite, season after season.

Many fans of the line have said that they actually look forward to winter and to ski vacations so they can break out their Mackage gear.

The Down Coat with Fur Hood


This luxurious down coat is both sleek and sexy while not skimping on protection or warmth. The shell is created from durable polyester and is stitched with ripples that add presence and delicate bulk. The fill is down feathers and the trim around the neck and collar is lined with an exquisite fur. This fur is from the Asiatic raccoon and is imported. The hood is non-removable which adds to the sturdy nature of this piece. The long sleeves of the jacket are created with cuffs that are ribbed knit. The collar is standing and is also ribbed kit.


The coat contains an interior zipper, along with a front zip closure that is designed with a V-neck opening. There is leather trim around the entire jacket and two zippered pockets are cleverly placed at the hips of the coat. As you can see, this design is quite representative of the philosophy behind the label. Different materials are combined for elements of both function and style. Both elements are treated as equally important.

The result is a coat that provides warmth and comfort. It also demands attention and never sacrifices sex appeal.


Fur-Collar Puffer Coat


This gem from the Adali line offers the wearer a plush puffer coat that also has the added elements of fur trimmings. The coat is created from Tech fabric and also contains leather and fur. The fur trim is natural Coyote that was obtained from Canada. The pockets are located at the hip for functionality and also contain a leather trim for style and durability.


This jacket is for those looking to add an element of color to their winter wardrobe. Or basic black for those who were looking to make a bold statement.


A Lavish Down Coat


Both the shell and lining of this beauty were created out of 100% poly. This fill is 10% feathers and 90% duck down. This blend helps to create warmth while remaining soft and comfortable. The trimming is a blended combination of acrylic and wool, along with a bit of poly and just a touch of spandex. The fur trim around the hood is created from Asiatic raccoon fur that was obtained from China. The trim around the sleeves and around the pockets is genuine leather.


This coat also represents the blending of materials for which the label has become famous. It is recommended that this jacket be cleaned professionally by a cleaner that is familiar with both fur and leather. The front opening of the coat is double layered for warmth and protection and the opening contains a zipper closure. The front pockets can also be zippered shut to protect valuables.


Winter is for Fashion


The vision of the Adali line by Mackage is to create coats that offer warmth and durability without ignoring fashion or style. These jackets offer the wearer a sleek and sexy silhouette while remaining functional.


In colder climates, one cannot sacrifice warmth for fashion. With the introduction of the Mackage Adali line, one no longer has to. While most people associate winter jackets with a lack of fashion sense, this line has taken the idea of the winter coat to a whole new level. The designers truly believe that outerwear is as important as any other element of clothing style. Their crusade to create stylish jackets has peaked with the creation of the Adali line.


These sought after jackets are being sold by high-end retailers around the globe.


Fashion for Men


Mackage has also included men in their line by creating similar jackets with a more masculine look. While the jackets for men may be slightly bulkier, they have the added elements of darker fur and wider leather trimmings. These touches allow the jackets to appear more masculine without losing any of the finesse. This venture into clothing and jackets for men may help the designers to appeal to whole new set of fashion conscious buyers.

Simplistic Perfection


One of the most amazing things about the Mackage Adali line is the simplicity of the style. The coat is classic in the way that it is cut and there are many elements that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Those who do have an eye for fashion, however, will be unable to remove their gaze from the jacket. The style is simple, but it is this simplicity that delivers the beauty and elegance of the jacket.


The ribbed stitching offers pockets for down and feathers to provide warmth. But they avoid the bulky look of many similar coats. In addition, the fur lining reaches far beyond the hood and stretches all the way down to the V-neck enclosure of the coat. Again, we see that the label does not hold back when it comes to using valuable materials. The jacket ends just below the hip line, but there is a longer version known as the Kay for those who are seeking more coverage. The pockets located at the hip are trimmed with leather and this adds the perfect touch to round out a most exquisite design.


The Adali: In Closing


The two designers behind Mackage have outdone themselves with the introduction of the Adali line. This coat is certain to be a huge hit with those who enjoy skiing and other cold weather activities. For those that reside in cold weather climates, the jacket allows them to be fashionable when they hit the street. The fashion conscious no longer have to wait to remove their coats to let their style be seen. Mackage has delivered outerwear to the runway and created a jacket that is as much a fashion as any other element of clothing.


This simple and elegant jacket has been given a modern twist that creates a contemporary look in a classic design. While this clothing is far from inexpensive, the quality makes the jackets well worth the money.