How To Tell If Your Moose Knuckles Jacket Is Real? 5 Elements The Original Piece Must Have

There is no doubt that Moose Knuckles jacket is the in thing. Nearly everyone wants to own this stylish and elegant brand, as it feels right at home in the posh and expensive ski resorts of Gstaad and Aspen, as well as when you are jamming with your local band. The fact that you are paying a lofty price for your jacket, you should know whether you are splurging on an original or throwing away your hard-earned money on a fake.

If you are thinking of buying one online, here are the five elements that you should keep an eye out for.

1. The Moose Knuckles Logo

When buying a Moose Knuckles Jacket, take a closer look at the logo. It is always located on the left side of the sleeve and is made from steel. However, the colour of the metal can range from antique nickel, gun metal, matt black, royal brass, matt silver and 14k gold plated. Although in the first glance the logo looks like an upside-down heart, if you take a closer look, you will realise the logo has some resemblance to the footprints of a moose.

In addition, each Moose Knuckles jacket spots a yolk logo on the inside of the collar. It showcases the hockey fight between Canada and the United States and symbolises the humourous side of the brand and the deep love the country has for its national sport – ice hockey.

2. Real Fur and Not Faux Fur

The best part about Moose Knuckles is that you can wear the jacket even when the temperatures are mild. All you need to do is detach the hood. This also makes it easy to clean the jacket without causing any damage to the real fur that in the hood. For men, the jacket has a fur-lined hood, while for the ladies there are pom-poms.

The fur that Moose Knuckles uses comes from the Arctic Blue Fox and Silver Fox. The fur is produced by furriers located in Canada and the Scandinavia and are ethically certified. The natural colour of the fur is retained and this ensures each Moose Knuckles jacket has its own unique appearance. The colour of the fur ranges from white, tints of white and brown, black and silver. Fox fur is not only soft, but also durable.

3. Heavy-Duty Zipper

The Moose Knuckles brand has become synonymous with quality and that is why customers expect nothing but the best even where zippers are concerned. You will be able to spot a Moose Knuckles jacket by carefully looking at the zipper. All jackets come with heavy-duty YKK industrial zippers.

In case you are unaware, YKK is renowned for making tough and durable zippers that can last a lifetime. So, you never have to worry about faulty zippers that break after a single use, as is common with counterfeits. As a matter of fact, you may find the zipper stiff in the beginning, but as you wear the jacket regularly, you will notice the stiffness easing. Furthermore, the jackets come with a double-adjustable zipper and this makes it easy for you to unzip your jacket and get comfortable if the weather turns slightly warm.

4. Traditional Thermal Insulator

One of the reasons Moose Knuckles jackets are so popular is the ability to keep you warm. In harsh winters, your body needs to preserve all the heat it can and that is exactly what the Moose Knuckles jacket does.

The jacket uses grey duck down as its thermal insulator. The down feathers keep these duck warm by overlapping and creating air pockets that trap the body heat. At the same time, down feathers are extremely breathable and have the ability to keep moisture away from the body. However, it is the loft size of the down feather that makes a huge difference. The bigger the loft size, the warmer you will be. In case of Moose Knuckles, the loft size is 800 cubic inches per ounce. This means you will stay warm even when the world around you is freezing. All original Moose Knuckles have down padding and protection to withstand the harshest winter.

5. The Shell Material

Moose Knuckles jackets are renowned for their warmth and comfort and these come from the fabric blend that the brand uses. The jackets are made from a blend of 74% cotton and 26% nylon. As a result, you enjoy staying warm on cold winter’s day, but it also ensures strength and durability to the jacket.

Furthermore, each jacket is coated with a layer of rubberised backing that protects you from water and wind. If the brand is to be believed, the jacket can keep you warm even when the temperature outside dips to -40 degrees!

The Subtle Details

When trying to differentiate an original Moose Knuckles from a fake, you have to have a keen eye to spot the subtle details. For instance, if the logo is missing or it is made from another metal, you know you are being scammed into buying a fake. Every Moose Knuckles jacket is crafted with utmost care and personalisation and hence, is different from other jackets.

There is no doubt there are so many counterfeits available online. But if you are cautious enough, you will be able to tell them apart. Remember, the jackets come with the following:

Four-front-seamed pockets
A detachable hood
A wind flap that has a snap closure.

Finding Original Moose Knuckles Jacket Online

With such a high price tag, it will be a shame if you get conned into buying a counterfeit. The good news is you can find 100% genuine and authentic Moose Knuckles jackets and you do not even have to look very far for them. Just make your purchase from and you will breathe easy.