The Anatomy of a Parajumpers Men Jacket: What Elements Make It A Masterpiece?

Today, young men and teenagers are very conscious about what they wear. They are judged by their attire, be it by strangers, acquaintances or peer group. That is why fashion conscious people are looking for outerwear that they can identify with and still express their desire and love for individuality and fashion without feeling outrageous. Perhaps this explains the fascination with Parajumpers men jackets.

These jackets have carved a niche for themselves with their elegance, distinctive style and innovative appearance. While a Parajumper jacket is considered a masterpiece, before you actually shell out money, it may be worthwhile to understand what makes this jacket a work of art that is a pleasure to wear.

Inspiration for the Parajumpers Jacket

The jacket is inspired by the 210th Rescue Squadron that is based in Anchorage, Alaska. This squadron is renowned for its daring rescues in some of the most remote and wildest locations in the world. Whether a submarine has sunk deep with no hope or a rock climber is stranded on one of the world’s tallest peaks, the squadron is called upon to save lives. The members of this squadron are called parajumpers and it is believed they are better trained that even the military corps.

These daring and dashing parajumpers are not just tough and extremely brave, they have unique skills and abilities that help save thousands of lives each year. And, the Parajumpers jackets have been named after their iconic missions and that is why it is common to find jacket designs called Gobi, Kodiak and Denali. As a result, the Parajumper jacket has become synonymous with toughness, elegance, a dash of heroism and ability to withstand the toughest weather elements.

This innovative jacket is the brainchild of Massimo Rossetti, the famous designer, who has ensured each design singularly captures the essence of the 210th Rescue Squadron and its members.

Functional and Unique all the Way

How many times have you wished your jacket had large pockets to hold everything you need? Well, with Parajumpers jackets, you will never yearn for these things again. They are designed to be highly functional and allow you to create your own style statement in every situation. The large pockets of the jacket are extremely useful for carrying just about anything you can think of, right from your wallet and iPod to a pouch filled with coins and your handheld smart device. The pockets are discreet, so you never have to worry about them bulging and looking awkward. You can create your own individuality by unzipping the fur hood into two and letting the halves rest on your back.

Making Your Style Statement

There are different series of the Parajumpers jacket and each one comes with its own individual style and beauty. Listed below are the most common series of parajumpers jackets.

The Masterpiece: This is made from 100% polyester, lending it a light and soft look and feel. This jacket is unlined, but extremely durable. It is a great addition to any wardrobe, thanks to its minimalist design and slim fit. It comes with hordes of features that are extremely functional and practical, such as pockets and zips. This is the jacket you should wear if you are looking to boost your sporty appearance.

The Windbreaker: Made from 100% polyester that is iridescent, this Parajumper is ideal for spring and summer. It oozes of sophistication and elegance and the field jacket and bomber jacket are just what you could be looking for. The swatch card is available in bold and vibrant colors as well as sober and elegant ones.

The Californian: Made from soft and luminescent fabric this jacket has a jersey lining that matches the shell fabric. Its appearance is further enhanced with its diamond quilting, making it a quintessential sportswear. The jacket comes with carry-all pockets and double zippers.

The Super Light: This series is perfect for those days that are neither too warm nor too cold. Not only is it stylish, it also is an eye-catcher with its bright and pastel hues. It uses 20 denier down proof nylon that makes the jacket pretty light. The added bonus is the slim fit that is comfortable to wear without feeling restrictive.

The Featherweight: Made from a combination of luminous nylon and nylon canvas, this is the Parajumpers jacket you want if you are looking for an extra-light jacket for long trips. It will keep you snug and cozy, thanks to the light padding and will not get wrinkled. It is available with or without a hood.

These jackets can repel water, are extremely light to wear and are very stylish. The fur-lined jackets for winters are equally light. You never have to worry about hiding your taste or style behind dowdy and heavy winter clothing when you have a Parajumpers jacket on hand.

The different features and elements of the Parajumpers jacket come seamlessly together to truly create a genuine masterpiece that is hard to resist. And, the added bonus is durability, high quality materials and fabrics and the stylish look.